Azure is striving towards a decarbonised future for mining operations in a proportionate and sustainable manner.

The Company is committed to delivering effective, sustainable and responsible environmental practices across all exploration, development and mining activities to drive corporate success for the benefit of its stakeholders.

Azure is committed to maintaining Australian best practice environmental management to protect environmental, cultural and community values.

While undertaking our exploration activities, we aim to minimise disturbance to areas explored through avoidance, preventative and remediation strategies, restoration and offset activities.

Azure will reduce long-term impact on our sites through research and data collection during the exploration stage, beginning with baseline and desktop studies. Our studies, completed and reviewed by external consultants, provide us with data on our environment in order to create detailed restoration management plans.

The culture fostered by Azure reflects a deep respect for our environment whereby:

  • Education through communication to minimise our environmental impact;
  • Everyone is aware of their obligations;
  • Everyone is accountable for the environmental outcome of their actions;
  • Active participation results in effective impact management; and
  • Leaders provide environmental leadership to further opportunities.

Proactive reviews of our sustainability and impact management strategies involving employees, contractors and stakeholders, will continue throughout the growth of our exploration activities into future mining ventures.