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Loreto - Copper
Ownership: Azure 100%

Project Overview

The Loreto Project was acquired in 2012.

The property covers 9,571 hectares and is located on the east coast of the Baja California peninsula about 6km north of the town of Loreto (population: 15,000). There is excellent access to the property via the sealed Mexican National Highway #1 which passes through the middle of the project area, with the State capital La Paz to the south and Tijuana to the north. Loreto is also well serviced by direct international flights from Los Angeles International Airport and internal flights from other Mexican cities.

Azure’s reconnaissance exploration programs at Loreto identified several areas with potential to contain significant copper mineralisation hosted in porphyry, sediment and structurally-controlled environments.

  • LOR-1030: 27.90% Copper, 1,390g/t Silver & 0.32g/t Gold
  • LOR-1002: 13.65% Copper, 36g/t Silver & 21.6g/t Gold
  • LOR-1037: 12.85% Copper, 26g/t Silver & 0.32g/t Gold
Loreto Project Plan
Loreto Project Plan
Loreto Copper Mineralisation
Loreto Copper Mineralisation